Manheim Christian Day School

Educating Minds. Nurturing Hearts.


“Everyone is an artist.” –Joseph Beuys

We are made in the image of a Creator God and are therefore made to create. For some, that means making beautiful art, for other, a delicious dinner, or a fantastic spreadsheet.

In the art room, we harness our God-inspired creativity to make art. Students have the opportunity to create a variety of projects over the course of the school year. Each project incorporates either an artist or movement from art history; Elements of Art and Principles of Design; or a new skill or technique. We try new materials from 2D paintings, drawings, and collages, to 3D sculptures and weavings. Each year builds upon the last to ensure a cohesive art education that allows self-expression, success on an individual level, and prepares students for the high school level.



Includ2016-02-05 13.07.15es the development of motor skill and the appropriate manipulation of materials. Students should begin to recognize basic art concepts and express personal feelings through art. They should also become aware of the art of other time periods, places and peoples. Students will understand that their works of art are unique and valuable as self-expression.



First Grade

2016-04-19 14.36.38Includes the further development of hand-eye coordination art activities such as rubbing, stamping, tearing, & weaving. Students should begin to perceive spacial relationships, identify primary & secondary colors, distinguish line variation in drawing and painting and produce shapes and textures.




Second Grade

2016-03-18 15.21.02Includes continued development of fine motor skills and observed abilities. Students should realize the narrative qualities of art and greatly expand on their knowledge of basic art concepts including: symmetry, overlapping, color value, geometric/organic shapes & line variation.



Third Grade

2016-02-26 15.06.05Includes the ability to demonstrate various illusions on a picture plane and basic color theory. Students should be able to illustrate in greater detail and discuss their art work using appropriate vocabulary.




Fourth Grade

2016-02-26 15.03.20Includes the progressive manipulation of art tools and the application of critical thinking skills when observing, classifying and describing art. Students should increase cultural awareness and further utilization of community art resources.




Fifth Grade

2016-02-26 15.04.47Includes the increased ability to observe and render three dimensional objects, the human figure and linear perspective. The students should improve their application of critical thinking skill when observing, classifying, describing, analyzing and judging art.



Sixth- Eighth Grades

The students will be:

  • Developing Aesthetic Awareness, Imagination, Perception, Appreciation, Knowledge, & Skills
  • Fostering Creativity, Self-expression, Self-confidence, & Self-discipline
  • Expanding Craftsmanship, Problem Solving Abilities, Cultural Understanding, & Safety Procedures
  • Participating in clean-up, share and help others, respect the property of the school and others, take turns, & work in groups.
    2016-02-26 15.06.53
    6th Grade
    2016-04-19 14.37.56
    7th Grade

    2016-04-19 14.34.50
    8th Grade