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MCDS Computer Education

Manheim Christian Day School’s desire for its students in computer education is to prepare them with the skills and familiarity of computer and technology tools that are necessary to be successful in today’s technological world.  This desire will aide them and help prepare them for their future goals and years beyond Manheim Christian Day School.  Manheim Christian students attend computer classes once or twice a week.

Kindergarten Computer

Five day kindergarten computer class meets once a week for 20 minutes.  Students are instructed in basic, foundational computer skills necessary for years to come.  Students begin the year with learning basic mouse and keyboard handling and familiarity through online tools, interactive games and simple skills related to computer functioning such as logging on and off of the computer. Students then progress throughout the rest of the year using their mouse and keyboard familiarity to utilize basic components of word processing software such as typing, drawing, and printing.

First & Second Grade Computer

First and second grade computer classes each meet once a week for 30 minutes.  Students are instructed in correct keyboarding and typing techniques using word processing and drawing tools combined with the use of language arts components such as weekly spelling words from their classrooms.  In first and second grade, students are introduced to MCDS’s typing program Type To Learn 4 and Google Classroom.  They begin to use both programs to enhance familiarity and confidence within the programs, introduce typing skills, and complete introductory assignments and activities.

1st & 2nd Grade Computer 2 pic 1st & 2nd Grade Computer pic
Third, Fourth, & Fifth Grade Computer

Third, fourth, & fifth grade computer classes each meet twice a week for 30 minutes.  Students spend one class period on keyboarding to improve their typing skills in accuracy and speed using Type To Learn 4 and Google Classroom typing assignments created by the teacher.  Students spend the other class period on projects and assignments within Google Classroom.  In third grade, projects include typed response questions, “My Emoji” project and writing a friendly letter using Google Docs, mystery pictures using Google Sheets, and creating an animal slideshow using Google Slides.  In fourth grade, projects include a Charts/Sheets/Docs project that integrates Google Docs & Google Sheets, creating a newspaper about a book they’ve read using Google Docs, and a famous person slideshow that the students conduct research for and create using Google Slides.  In fifth grade, projects include a more in depth Charts/Sheets/Docs project integrating Google Docs & Google Sheets, creating a brochure project using Google Docs, and a state slideshow that the students conduct research for and create using Google Slides.

Middle School Computer Electives

Middle school computer electives include Online Research (required for all 6th grade students and offered every year), Stop Motion Video Making, and other design type electives.


6th Grade Online Research involves students researching a specific topic where they cite their sources of information using MLA format to create a slideshow on that topic.  Students go through a variety of tasks and lessons that teach proper research techniques, how to cite information, and how to creatively portray their information in a Google Slides presentation.

6th Grade Elective Computer pic 1


Stop Motion is an elective where students use iPads to create stop motion videos.  Stop motion animation is a cinematic process, or technique used to makes static objects (objects lacking movement)  appear as if they were moving using a collaboration of still photos that play to make the objects look like they are moving.  Students go through lessons teaching what stop motion is, creating vision for their videos, creating storyboards, materials lists, and then making their stop motion video as a collaborative group of 2-3 students.


Type To Learn 4

Type To Learn 4 is the online keyboarding program used at MCDS that teaches correct keyboard and typing techniques through a series of review, demonstration, typing practice, and assessment, with continuous reinforcement of home row positioning and ergonomic safety.  It teaches proper keyboard fingering for each key with ample opportunity for typing skills practice. This typing program emphasizes both accuracy and words per minute speed, and provides each student with individualized remediation and goals for success.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is another amazing online tool that is heavily used at MCDS within computer education.  Each class in Google Classroom (1st Grade – Middle School) is used to distribute assignments, activities, and projects in an organized fashion using Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drive that allow for students to become proficient in word processing, typing, spreadsheets, graphing, slide presentations, collaboration with classmates, and many other features that Google Classroom offers.  Google Classroom can be accessed both in and outside of the classroom as everything is automatically saved within their Google account through MCDS.