Manheim Christian Day School

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Computers and technology are now commonplace in our world and classrooms.  Our desire at MCDS is to teach students how to use these tools in a safe, effective and responsible manner.  We begin teaching all students how to:

  • Honor God with our behavior and words (online and in person)
  • Become familiar with computer terminology
  • Develop proper keyboarding skills
  • Use Google Suite for Education
  • Conduct Internet research
  • Introduce Coding (First through fourth grade)
Kindergarten Computer

Students in five day Kindergarten meet once a week for 20 minutes.  We focus on developing motor skills and manipulating a mouse. Students become familiar with computer terminology, logging on and off of the computer, how to handle and care for equipment as well as digital citizenship.

First Grade Computer

First graders meet once a week for 30 minutes and we spend a lot of time developing motor skills and keyboard familiarity, terminology and the proper handling of laptops.  Students are introduced to Google Classroom and keyboard programs.  We also begin coding activities.

Second Grade Computer

Second graders continue keyboarding in more depth and begin accessing Google Classroom for assignments.  Students learn to navigate the Google Classroom site and other online educational sites.  This practice develops their writing skills and allows them to be creative with drawing tools.

Third & Fourth Grade Computer

Third and Fourth graders meet twice a week for 30 minutes.   Proper keyboarding skills are taught and practiced and the students really begin to see their speed and accuracy increase.  We use Google Classroom much more and learn how to use drawing tools, create presentations with Google Slides, type papers and letters on Google Docs, collect data and use Google Sheets to create charts.  We learn how to conduct research and evaluate sources.

Fifth Grade Computer

Fifth Grade has computer class for one semester as an elective.  We meet once a week for 45 minutes.  Students conduct online research and create a presentation on Google Slides.  This presentation is accompanied by a speech and presented to the class.  Students use Sheets to collect and display data and create charts in Docs.  Students also learn how to be a responsible digital citizen.