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Dress Code


The purpose of MCDS is to provide a Christ-centered academic curriculum that is designed to develop the whole person under the mandate of God’s Word (Proverbs 6:22).  One’s appearance reflects in some measure one’s identity.

In our society, clothes are used to show feelings, position, wealth, etc. (as illustrated in James 2:2-7).  God-honoring attitudes and lifelong motivations that promote God’s design for each person can be fostered with how students and staff appear at school.

There is a wide range of convictions and opinions concerning personal appearance.  It is essential to maintain respect and sensitivity to one another.  We encourage students to maintain high standards of appearance that do not detract from the inner beauty of spirit, which is so important to God. To help accomplish this high standard, MCDS is using the following guidelines to determine dress that is God-honoring and appropriate.  Please note that the following dress guidelines are to be followed by all Pre-K to 8th grade students for all school functions and extra curricular activities including school programs and fieldtrips, unless the teacher or administrator gives a written exception to parents.


Dress SMART!

  • Is it Safe?

– Clothing/ Accessories will not be potentially damaging or harmful to students, or property.

  • Is it Modest?

– Clothing is not revealing, or sexually suggestive

  • Is it Appropriate and functional?

– Clothing is worn in the appropriate manner intended.
– Clothing/Appearance does not interfere with the learning environment.
– Clothing/Appearance is not competitive, disruptive or distracting.

  • Is it Respectful?

– Clothing/ Accessories do not convey offensive, negative, disrespectful, violent, or sexually suggestive messages.

  • Is it Tasteful and neat?

– Clothing/Appearance is not dirty, tattered and torn.



For further clarification and based on criteria above, the following accessories and dress items are NOT permissible at MCDS:


  • Waist chains, body piercing, tattoos
  • Large gaudy earrings (girls), earrings of any kind (boys)
  • Skirts, slits and dresses shorter than 3 finger widths above the knee when standing
  • Shorts and skorts shorter than mid-thigh when seated (Please note that shorts may only be worn from beginning of school till the end of October and from April 15 to the end of the school year.)
  • Transparent or skin-tight clothing, halter tops and clothing that exposes the midriffs or cleavage
  • Spaghetti straps and tank tops/dresses with less than a 3 inch strap width are not appropriate for students in grades 4 – 8
  • Military apparel, sweat suits, and pajamas
  • Clothing/accessories with offensive, negative, disrespectful, violent, or sexually suggestive messages
  • Caps or hoods worn over the head while indoors
  • Flip-flops, beach shoes, shower shoes and bedroom slippers



Dress Code for Gym Class and Sports Events:




All students: Please wear sneakers on days they have gym.


Middle School:

On days that students have physical education class, they are required to bring a change of gym clothes as outlined below. All middle school students will be required to change back again after gym class.


Boys & Girls:  Sweat pants or shorts of modest length, T-shirts with sleeves and sneakers or a designated sports uniform.



Dress Code for Graduation and Seasonal Programs/Banquets:


These are special events at school and MCDS is asking the students to come in a slightly dressed up version of the dress code. Please note that in the event a student’s outfit is inappropriate and revealing, he/she may not be allowed to participate in the ceremony or program.  If in doubt, please do not wear it.  You may ask permission ahead of time if you are not sure.  Thank you for helping your student to honor Christ in his/her appearance.




Appropriate Attire for Boys:  Pants with polo or button down shirts.  Ties are optional.


Appropriate Attire for Girls: Modest dresses, skirts or dress pants with blouse


In addition to the school dress code, the following are NOT permitted at graduations, sports award nights, or seasonal programs:

  • Jeans
  • T-shirts
  • Flip –flops



Steps in Enforcing Dress Code Regulations:


  1. Questionable dress shall be referred to the administrator for a judgment call on what is a violation of the Dress Code.
  2. Administrator and/or teacher shall notify parents of student’s violation by form letter and/or phone call.
  3. In some cases students may be asked to contact their parents for replacement clothes in an immediate and timely manner or the school will provide other clothes for the child to wear for the remainder of the day. Depending on the offense, the student may not be allowed to participate in the event till appropriate clothes are worn.
  4. Repeated violation patterns will be referred to the Pastoral Advisors.
  5. Unwillingness of parents to comply with the dress code for MCDS students will be referred to the School Board for appropriate action.



Click Here to download a copy of our Dress and Appearance Code