Manheim Christian Day School

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Eighth Grade

“I love middle school at MCDs because it’s smaller, so you get to know all the kids. you get this group of people that you have been with for a long time, so you have a good group of friends.”

-8th grader


  1. Language Arts – The Readers Choice Course 3 2002 McGraw-Hill Companies; Spelling Power Workbook Glencoe Language Arts; Grammar and Language Workbook Glencoe Language Arts
    1. Emphasis on word recognition, fluency, and comprehension
    2. Themes include: no place like home, lean on me, which way to go, fantastic capers, mischief makers
  2. Math – Algebra I 2014 McGraw-Hill Education
    1. Emphasis on solving for variables
    2. Includes: algebraic expressions; equations; linear functions and inequalities; systems of equations; exponential, quadradtic, and  rational functions; geometry; statistics; probability
  3. Science –Physical Iscience 2010 McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc
    1. Emphasis on Physics and Chemistry
    2. Includes: Motion and forces, simple machines, energy, states of matter, properties of matter, interactions of matter, waves, electricity, and magnetism
  4. Social Studies – My World Geography Western Hemisphere 2011 Person
    1. Emphasis on Geography
    2. Inclues: Study of western hemisphere countries
  5. Bible

Christian Apologetics is the course of study we have chosen for the graduating class. Apologetics is the “field of theology which seeks to provide a reasoned defense of the Christian faith”. When our students leave the halls of MCDS, we want them to know what they believe and why they embrace that belief. The subject of Apologetics is massive; so we limit our study to; “Is the Bible the Word of God?” and “Was Jesus Christ the Messiah?”  We explore everything from Prophecy, Archaeology, and Science to the Resurrection of our Lord; each subject having 5 points they can remember and stand firm on!  We end the year with the “so what” question!  The “so what” is: He needs to be the Lord of my life!


2000px-GullBraceLeft.svgSpecial Projects and Events2000px-GullBraceLeft.svg
  1. 8th Grade Retreat – 2 days away to grow closer as a class spiritually, socially, and emotionally
  2. Leading Chapel – students are given the opportunity to lead and plan a middle school chapel
  3. LEAD NOW – students are given the opportunity to learn more about leadership in the school and community
  4. Knowledge Fest – students perform a science experiment and display their results


Typical Field Trips
  1. Sight and Sound – watch the current Sight and Sound performance as a class
  2. Women in Math and Science – 4 students are chosen to participate in a conference listening to women working in the math and science fields
  3. Philadelphia/Washington D.C. – exploration of one of these cities (alternates each year)