Manheim Christian Day School

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Eighth Grade

“I love middle school at MCDS because it’s smaller, so you get to know all the kids. you get this group of people that you have been with for a long time, so you have a good group of friends.” – 8th grader

  1. Language Arts – Pearson Literature 8th Grade, Spelling Workout (Modern Curriculum Press), Exercises in English (Loyola Press)
    • Emphasis on word recognition, fluency, and comprehension
    • Themes include: conflict resolution, yesterday’s heroes, and the dangers of technology
  2. Math – Algebra I (McGraw Hill)
    • Emphasis on solving for variables
    • Includes: algebraic expressions, equations, linear functions and inequalities, systems of equations, exponential, quadradtic and rational functions, geometry, statistics, probability
  3. Science – Physical Science (McGraw Hill)
    • Emphasis on Physics and Chemistry
    • Includes: motion and forces, simple machines, energy, states of matter, properties of matter, interactions of matter, waves, electricity, and magnetism
    • Experimentation, hands-on learning, and STEM focused projects
  4. Social Studies – Discovering Our Past – A History of the United States Early Years (McGraw Hill)
    • Emphasis on United States History
    • Includes learning about The First Americans, Exploring the Americas, Colonial America, The American Revolution, The Constitution, The Federalist Era, The Jefferson Era, The Jackson Era, Manifest Destiny and The Civil War
  5. Bible – Christian Apologetics is the course of study we have chosen for the graduating class. Apologetics is the “field of theology which seeks to provide a reasoned defense of the Christian faith”. When our students leave the halls of MCDS, we want them to know what they believe and why they embrace that belief. The subject of Apologetics is massive, so we limit our study to, “Is the Bible the Word of God?” and “Was Jesus Christ the Messiah?”  We explore everything from Prophecy, Archaeology, and Science to the Resurrection of our Lord with each subject having 5 points they can remember and stand firm on!  We end the year with the “so what?” question: He needs to be the Lord of my life!
Special Projects and Events
  • 8th Grade Retreat – 2 days away to grow closer as a class spiritually, socially, and emotionally
  • LEAD NOW – leadership elective that involves planning and implementing various events in the school and community (facilitating lunch discussion groups, leading chapel, and coordinating outreach opportunities)
  • Speech meet – students perform a prepared monologue in front of an audience
Typical Field Trips
  • Baltimore (combined field trip with 7th grade on alternating years)
  • Philadelphia (combined field trip with 7th grade on alternating years)
  • Service project