Manheim Christian Day School

Educating Minds. Nurturing Hearts.

Fifth Grade

  1.  Language Arts – Reading Street (Pearson Education, Inc.)
    • Includes: spelling, vocabulary, comprehension, language, and writing
    • Individualized reading groups, book clubs, and excite reading
  2. Math – My Math (McGraw Hill)
    • Emphasis on fractions and decimals
    • Math fact mastery, daily concept review, problem solving
    • Math 24 competition
  3. Science –Interactive Science (Pearson Education, Inc.)
    • Emphasis on life, earth and physical sciences
    • Experimentation, hands-on learning, and STEM focused projects
  4. Social Studies –Kids Discover American States and Regions (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)
    • Emphasis on USA Geography and Landscapes.
    • Regions of the U.S – The Northeast, The Southeast, The Midwest, The Southwest, The West
    • Learning the States and Capitals/State Research Project
  5.  Bible
    • Images of God
Special Projects and Events


  • Knowledge fest – state project
  • Middle school electives


Typical Field Trips
  • Gettysburg National Military Park and Visitors Center – museum, film, cyclorama, Cemetery Ridge Trail Hike (combined field trip with 6th grade on alternating years)
  • Harrisburg – PA State Capitol tour, Whitaker Center (combined field trip with 6th grade on alternating years)
  • Service Project