Manheim Christian Day School

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                                                                                                Silver Burdett Making Music 2008 Pearson Education, Inc.

                                 Emphasis on rhythm, melody and expressive qualities in music and music as a form of worship.



Pre- Kindergarten

  • Includes: classroom instruments and names, singing, steady beat


  • Includes: classroom instruments and names, singing, steady beat, fast/slow, high/low

1st Grade

  • Includes: basic rhythms, solfege syllables, loud/soft, long/short

2nd Grade

  • Includes: reading rhythms, solfege syllables and hand signs, measures

3rd Grade

  • Includes: dynamics, note names, learning to play recorder, instrument families

4th Grade

  • Includes: dynamics, tempo, meter, time signatures, syncopation, form, Orff instruments

5th Grade

  • Includes: advanced rhythms, harmony, texture, Orff instruments

6th Grade

  • Includes: basic elements of music, orchestral instruments, intro to jazz, STOMP

7th Grade

  • Includes: basic piano and guitar, composers

8th Grade

  • Includes: music businesses, music theory, composer research project
            Special Events/GroupsMusic


  1. All School Christmas and Spring Programs
  2. Beginning Instrumental Lessons
  3. Middle School Band Program
  4. Middle School Worship Team