Manheim Christian Day School

Educating Minds. Nurturing Hearts.




Manheim Christian Day School strives to ‘educate minds and nurture hearts’.  We desire to walk alongside families and help to provide a solid Christian foundation that our students can use for a lifetime.  However, we also desire to equip students with another strong foundation – academics.  We have certified teachers that differentiate their instruction to meet multiple learning styles and needs.  Students are well prepared when they graduate from 8th grade to experience academic success during their high school years and through-out their lifetime.

Manheim Christian Day School also provides students with a well-rounded curriculum that helps to foster the God-given gifts and talents of each student.  In addition to the daily core classes, we offer deeper learning opportunities in a variety of “specials” and extra-curricular activities throughout their time at MCDS.  The specials offered are computer, library, PE, art, Spanish, and music.  The extra-curricular activities offered are sports (soccer, basketball and volleyball), band, and drama.

At MCDS, we take pride in our commitment to ‘educate minds and nurture hearts’.  We have provided an overview for each grade and specials class to help explain our curriculum.