Manheim Christian Day School

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Programs for Home Schooled Children

We are again offering select classes to home schooled children, 1st-8th grades, for the 2016 -17 school year.
These classes include:  Music, Art and Physical Education.

Classes meet one or two times per week and the fees are structured accordingly.  Explanation and course pricing for the 2016-17 school year are as follows:



Music – Instructed by Mrs. Kara Miller.  This program is designed to encourage music appreciation and worship through a variety of musical styles.  Basic music fundamentals such as reading music, ear training and harmonization are taught.  Students are given a working knowledge of music basics with opportunity for musical performance and ministry.

  • Classes meet 2 times per week at an annual cost of $300 per student.


Physical Education – Instructed by Mr. Justin Sauder.  Promoting a healthy lifestyle through fitness is our goal at MCDS.  Sports such as soccer, softball, floor hockey, basketball, volleyball and other games will be used to encourage activity.

  • PE meets 2 times per week at an annual cost of $300 per student.


Sports – Coached by Mr. Justin Sauder.  Our school sports teams consist of soccer, basketball and volleyball.  There are two teams of each sport, a team of boys and a team of girls.

  • The cost to join each sport is $150 per season. Go Conquerors!


Art – Instructed by Mrs. Becca College.  Our goal is to help achieve an appreciation of different types of art and art history as well as an opportunity to experiment with different art mediums.  Hands-on techniques will give students ample opportunity to apply what is taught.  This only applies to the elementary students.

  • Art meets 1 times per week at an annual cost of $150 per student.



To apply for the home school programs, please complete the Home School Registration and read our Statement of Doctrine, Admission Guidelines and the Dress and Appearance Code.  A $25 registration fee per family must accompany the Registration Form.  We are requiring that tuition be paid in full by the first day of class.

Because changes to our schedule occur occasionally, we will make every effort possible to let you know of these changes beforehand.  We ask that communication with the teachers be handled at the teachers’ discretion during a free period, not during normal school time.