Manheim Christian Day School

Educating Minds. Nurturing Hearts.

Admission Guidelines


1. At least one parent needs to profess to be a believer in Jesus Christ.

2. Both parents need to be in agreement to sending the child(ren) to this school.

3. If parents have no church affiliation, the parents are encouraged to be committed and accountable to a body of believers.

4. It is strongly encouraged that all elementary and middle school age children of a family be enrolled.

5. Previous tuition should be paid up-to-date before enrollment for the new year can be accepted. Special arrangements for payment may be considered by the school board, where circumstances merit.

6. A completed application form and other papers in the registration pack should be submitted to the office.

7. Records from the previous school will be requested by MCDS prior to enrollment. Parents will need to sign a release form.

8. Readiness assessment for Kindergarten students will be given prior to entrance. A child is to be 5 yrs. old by September 1.

9. Curriculum assessment testing for new students may be required for proper placement for students entering grades 1-8.

10. Students with special needs may be requested to undergo psychological and educational testing.

11. Parents will meet with the administration and possibly with Board representatives to discuss policies, philosophy, expectations, development, and core beliefs.

12. Parents will be notified as to the school’s decision concerning enrollment.