Manheim Christian Day School

Educating Minds. Nurturing Hearts.


What is the mission of Manheim Christian Day School?q&a_icon

q&a_icon“The mission of MCDS is to pursue academic excellence in a Christ-centered environment where students develop Biblical values and perspectives to prepare them for a lifetime relationship with Jesus Christ.”

q&a_iconHow many days a week does your Kindergarten class meet?

q&a_iconThe 3-day and 5-day Kindergarten curriculum effectively prepares students for our first grade program.  The 5-day option provides enrichment to further develop and reinforce skills learned during the Kindergarten experience.  Basic reading and math readiness skills are achieved in coordination with our primary department.

q&a_iconWhat is the purpose of our Pre-K class?

q&a_iconWe see the Pre-K program as a combination of readiness and supplemental objectives for 4 and 5 year olds.   Emphasis is placed on academic, social, emotional, and spiritual developmental activities.   Time spent at Pre-K is important for the young child to help make a smooth transition from home and school as well as prepare them for Kindergarten.

q&a_iconWhat is the student-teacher ratio for classes at MCDS?

q&a_iconWe are very committed to maintaining small class sizes to effectively provide a quality faith based education for our students.  Our classes average between 16-18 students per grade.  Early elementary may add an additional aide to maintain our desired student/teacher ratio in the room. The Board has established limits of 16-18 for Pre-K and Kindergarten with teacher aides and 20-24 for grades 1-8.  We believe these class size limits allow us to better meet individual needs.

q&a_iconIs this school associated with a particular denomination?

q&a_iconManheim Christian Day School is associated with the Manheim Mennonite District churches. They also relate to the Brethren in Christ and Church of the Brethren churches in the area, along with many other churches in the community.   Presently, there are over 45 churches represented in our patron body.

q&a_iconDoes the school have a policy of requiring families to send all their children in grades K-8 to Manheim Christina Day School?

q&a_iconNo.  We do, however, strongly encourage families to put all of their children of elementary school age in our school.  We believe this gives continuity to the children’s education.

Does the school offer tuition assistance?

q&a_iconYes.  You may pick up an application packet at the school office.  We use an outside agency to establish need.  After we receive a report back from this agency, the school then makes a decision about the amount of assistance available to you.  In addition to this fund, the school looks at hardship situations to reduce tuition on an individual basis.

q&a_iconWhat is the dress code at Manheim Christian Day School?

q&a_iconWe encourage students to maintain a high standard of appearance that does not detract from the inner beauty of spirit.  The school desires a reasonable balance between dress that is neat, comfortable and modest while also being functional for physical activity.  A detailed description of the dress code can be found in the student handbook.

q&a_iconWhat curriculum is used at Manheim Christian Day School?

q&a_iconOur Bible curriculum is called “Journeys with God”.  It is a curriculum that was written by the Mennonite Schools Council.  For the other curricula, we use textbooks from the state adopted list.  All of our teachers integrate Biblical principles and teaching into every subject area.  Our choice curricula resources facilitate a smooth transition from 8th grade into high schools.

q&a_iconDoes your school have a program for students with exceptional needs?

q&a_iconWe utilize Act 89 services through our Intermediate Unit 13 for children who struggle academically, socially, and/or have speech challenges.  MCDS partners with IU13 and their SEE program for students who meet gifted criteria.

q&a_iconWhat is the school’s philosophy of discipline?

q&a_iconAt the core to establishing an effective discipline philosophy is conveying a high standard of behavior and conveying what appropriate behavior is.  We believe that all of life involves choices and consequences.  It is our goal to help the students make good choices resulting in appropriate behavior.  The classroom teachers effectively handle most discipline.  The administrator is supportive of the classroom teacher and does become involved when she deems this is in the best interest of the student.

q&a_iconIs transportation available?

q&a_iconMost of our families utilize available transportation provided by local school districts.  A number of other families arrange car-pooling with other families to transport their children to school.

q&a_iconDoes the school have a hot lunch program?

q&a_iconCurrently the lunch program is offered 5 days per week.  Two part-time employees coordinate our lunch program with the help of volunteers.