Manheim Christian Day School

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School Board

Manheim Christian Day School is a parent-governed organization. Historically, the school was tied very closely with the churches in the Manheim Mennonite District. The Board of Trustees consists of 10 members and meets monthly to give oversight and establish policies for the school. The Bylaws of the school stipulates that 6 members must be represented from Anabaptist churches (Brethren in Christ, Church of Brethren & Mennonite). In addition to the Board members, three pastors from the area serve on the Board in an advisory role. The Pastoral Committee nominates board members with affirmation from the patron body. The Board members serve two-year terms with opportunity for reappointment.

BOARD MEMBERS 2016-2017 Board of Trustees



  • Bruce Wagner – Chairperson (Bio)
  • Lori Henry – Vice Chairperson (Bio)
  • Amanda Haldeman – Secretary (Bio)
  • Michelle Gingrich – Finance Chair (Bio)
  • Rebecca Nissly (Bio)
  • Matt Stoltzfus (Bio)
  • Derek Sherwood (Bio)
  • Don Nauman (Bio)
  • Connie Dagen (Bio)
  • Andrew Miller – Pastoral Advisor (Bio)