Manheim Christian Day School

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Second Grade

Curriculum2nd Grade Trucker Buddy
  1. Reading – Reading Street 2008 Pearson Education, Inc.
    1. Emphasis on word recognition, fluency, and comprehension
    2. Includes: Spelling, Phonics, Vocabulary, Language, Writing and Handwriting
  2. Math – My Math 2014 McGraw Hill Companies, Inc.
    1. Emphasis on subtraction
    2. Includes: addition and subtraction with and without regrouping, numbers to one thousand, money, time, and measurement
  3. Science –A Closer Look 2011 McGraw Hill Companies, Inc
    1. Emphasis on Life, Earth and Physical Sciences
    2. Includes: Life cycles, habitats, weather, magnets, simple machines and creation care
  4. Social Studies –People and Places 2011 Pearson Education, Inc.
    1. Emphasis on Communities, History, and Government
    2. Includes: Community Helpers, landforms, 50 states, pioneers and biographies
  5. Bible –A Place to Belong: Journey’s with God
    1. Emphasis on Moses to the Promised Land and Jesus’ birth to Resurrection
    2. Includes: Ten Commandments, Twelve disciples, Lord’s Prayer, and the Great Commission
Special Activities and Projects2000px-GullBraceLeft.svg
  1. Reading Buddies – once a week read to Kindergartners
  2. Trucker Buddy Pen Pal – Monthly writing correspondence with a Trucker Buddy through truckerbuddy. org
  3. Poetry Festival – each student memorizes and recites a poem
  4. Animal Reports – using a structured framework, each student writes about one animal
Typical Field Trips2000px-GullBraceLeft.svg
  1. Middle Creek Wildlife – learn about mammals and take a hike
  2. MCC Material Resource Center and Ten Thousand Villages – opportunites to help people in other countries
  3. Zoo America – observe and learn about North American animals