Manheim Christian Day School

Educating Minds. Nurturing Hearts.

Seventh Grade

“I love everything about our school. Our Christian environment is unlike anywhere else. Our classes are like families. our teachers are great and our Bible teacher has helped us all grow much deeper in our faith. Our sports programs are so much fun. I love getting to hang out with people that I don’t see everyday. Overall, this school has changed my life forever.”  –  7th grader


  1. Language Arts – Pearson Literature 7th Grade
    • Emphasis on writing, reading comprehension, grammar and spelling
    • Includes: literature study, weekly spelling quizzes, grammar lessons and writing projects
  2. Math – Course 2 (McGraw Hill)
    • Emphasis on preparation for algebra
    • Includes:  ratios and proportions, percents, integers, rational numbers, algebraic expressions, equations, inequalities, geometry, probability and statistics
  3. Science – Life Science (McGraw Hill)
    • Emphasis on Biology
    • Includes:  cells, reproduction, genetics, theories of creation, bacteria and viruses, protists and fungi, plants, animals, human body systems, interactions of life
    • Experimentation, hands-on learning, and STEM focused projects
  4. Social Studies – Discovering World Geography – The Eastern Hemisphere (McGraw Hill)
    • Emphasis on the Eastern Hemisphere
    • Includes learning about the geography, history, economies, government, people and cultures of Asia, The Caucasus, Siberian Russia, Africa, New Zealand, Oceania, and Antarctica
  5.  Bible
    • Creative Bible Study
Special Projects and Events
  • Spelling Bee
  • Knowledge Fest – students research and present a science fair project
Typical Field Trips
  • Baltimore (combined field trip with 8th grade on alternating years)
  • Philadelphia (combined field trip with 8th grade on alternating years)
  • Service project