Manheim Christian Day School

Educating Minds. Nurturing Hearts.

Third Grade

  1. Bible – Heroes of Faith:  Servants of God :  Journeys With God
    1. Bible memory, songs, activities, Lord’s Prayer (Eng. And Germ.)
    2. Biographies of important Christian leaders.  (Jackson)
  2. Language Arts – Reading Street  2008  Pearson Education Inc.
    1. Various Genres of literature
    2. Third-grade reading skills
    3. Grammar and writing (cursive)
    4. Spelling and phonics
  3. Math – My Math:  2014:  McGraw Hill
    1. Emphasis on multiplication
    2. Review of addition and subtraction using renaming (up to four digit), basic division, math properties 
  4. Science – Interactive Science:  Pearson 2012
    1. Emphasis on Life, Earth, and Physical Sciences
    2. Nature of Science, living and nonliving things, design, ecosystem, weather, Earth, forces
  5. Social Studies – Communities:  Scott Foresman 2005
    1. Emphasis on Communities and their people, location, history, work, and government.
    2. Comparison of climates, cultures, and economics of specific communities.
    3. Monthly reports on U.S. Presidents and famous landmarks
Special Projects and Events2000px-GullBraceLeft.svg
  1. Me Ball and Pen Pal letter writing, making get well cards, poetry writing
  2. Writing and illustrating the book Red Rock
  3. Embryology – hatching chicks
  4. Making racecars
  5. ‘Antiques Road Show’
  6. Daily research questions for extra credit
Field Trips2000px-GullBraceLeft.svg
  1. Landis Valley Farm Museum
  2. National Christmas Center
  3. Ephrata Cloister
  4. Pen Pal Visit
  5. Dairy Farm